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Saint Seiya Online - Update December 24

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Exclamation Saint Seiya Online - Update December 24

Post by BadPicollo on Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:41 am

---12-24 formal clothing update  :athe: 
● Open camp systems
"Army camp open"
Increased the corps camp property. Can choose to join a domain, Hades, or head of the Sea King's camp, inherited members of the Legion Legion camp, fighting for their camp.
Corps change of camp 48 hour intervals.
"Galaxy dance competition"
1) territory reset Galaxy competition.
2) increased seafood star Pluto field, increase the sanctuary, Atlantis, Hades, three main city. Regiment in the broader star fight, get more rewards.
(The three main city only Legion camp can declare war or stationed at the head of army leader will be stationed at the main city, receive an exclusive God skills).
3) increases the number of weekly Legion war restrictions (war while bidding up three games were war games without restrictions)
4) introduction of frequency rules, military head of the receiving Corps Awards will depend on the overall frequency of the astrological field.
Legion captured the enemy after the star, to pillage the enemy's prosperity, total higher the frequency of enemy, plunder gains bigger and bigger.
Detailed rules please refer to legions of Star Wars interface rules.

● Boss fight of the world website.
Boss into sanctuary, Pluto, haihuang, neutral camps. Players can challenge the hostile camp boss, for both the neutral boss fight.
Increase the guardian Idol play. Statue of successfully defended the camp, will open the treasure chest of the camp to collect.
(Defensive success, the camp leaders-occupied the camp leader of the main city of the legions of army, an extra chance to get summoned BOSS at the base. )

●Quit the Corps then joined a new Corps added 24 hours of cooling time.

●Open Christmas day activities, "snow! Defend the tree ", every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, endorsed replica of Santa Santa Claus entering, along with the snow fairies to defend Christmas, win Festival Awards!
Open Christmas mission "reunion on Christmas Eve! "All ye Saints in the sanctuary the clergy and Marin to celebrate Christmas, and random access to 12 gold Saints sent Christmas gifts!
Close "on Halloween night! Crazy pumpkin ".
Closed Thanksgiving activity "gifts! Gratitude. "

●Christmas and new year's day event update:
A. "winter fling Carnival":
As of December 29, more than 20 players a day on the line and the ice and snow Carnival celebrations Ambassador Nana received a mysterious gift 1!
1th day get timed out Phoenix mount, 2nd day star 500 coupons are available, di3-7 get 200 stars tickets, 600,000 golden ticket, as well as bar mitzvah gift, open access to double Christmas limited edition of demon headdress, Devil and God the blood of 100, and a variety of rich surprise props!
B. "Christmas tree Goodyear fantasy":
As of January 7, 2014, more than 20 daily active players to reach 50 points, 100 points, Nana received gift 1.
Holiday gift decoration items, available on the Christmas tree in Exchange for the billions of huge amounts of experience, super cute Panda caps, various surprises props!
Starting from December, Carnival new year snow and ice Carnival gift box will appear under the Christmas tree, opening access to huge amounts of experience golden ticket, more access to spatial and temporal key 100, 100 Trinity Blood God Howe!
C., "God gift":
December 21 – December 30, daily 20:00-21:00, every 10 minutes, day treasure chest gift comes, tap to get massive amounts of experience in payment vouchers, soul of the silver Crystal, Orange stars and more props, more have access to the blood of the demon God 100, spatio-temporal key 100, adorable pet Super grumpy bear!
D. "new year's Day surprise":
As of December 29, more than 20 players online receive a surprise box 1 and Nana. Open access to rewards and "strange eggs."
Eggs can be opened on January 1, 2014, until January 12, containing 3 Super double yellow eggs, cooking 1 times a day during an event, get super huge amounts of experience, gold, blood and so on, also have access to the blood of the demon God 100, Orange soul stars 10, Archer garments package!

● Marriage system:Read more (click here)

●Flowers presented to modify :
Flower will increase friends on both sides, each one adds 50; when the number given for a fixed number, 99, 1001, when will be broadcast in the server world, all at the same time the player screen roses full screen special effect!
While increasing the interface reminds of the players received flowers.

●Biographies of Saints open new character "your ghost" series biography tasks, more than 20 players in probability, Kurumada teacher has refreshed the new tasks, when completed will be able to open the new illustrations of the characters!

●Open single copies "attack! Palace of gold 12 "top six per week through the guard of the 12 personal challenges, can obtain all gold saints of prestige, there is opportunity to get gold garments component!

●Spirit line renovation
In transformation of the boxes can be golden, powder loading of order 8 and above can transform operations that can re-random spirit lines.
Renovation spirit essence recasting lines need props (activities and shopping mall have outputs), along with the option to use recovery essence does not accept the results of this transformation.
Note: spiritual tattoo equipment will be the transformation of the soul bound.

●Spiritual tattoo transfer open
Golden, powder loading of order 8 and above can be spiritual lines over.
Transfer of memorial tablet at the sanctuary the Npc Hector, props transfer requires star brokers city elite.
Dress up if the spiritual tattoo transfer conditions you can also tick the spiritual pattern shifts.
Note: universal pattern when the transfer is complete, target equipment will bind the soul.

●New surplices: male star, Wyvern open
Exchange at the sanctuary the NPC Pandora 2 surplices and related stars castings props.
Surplices exchange needs golden ticket x50000000, respectively x90 surplices debris fragments, bronze sacred garments garments fragments of x100, silver x100.
Wearing the male stars surplices or Wyvern surplices death triggered Pluto be transformed after the resurrection of all male stars or Wyvern specters fight 30 seconds.

●First scale coat the sea witch open
Can exchange at the sanctuary the NPC Julian sea witch scales clothing related star cast and props.
Golden Ticket Exchange needs x50000000 gold x100 x50, bronze sacred garments garments debris debris, broken silver Holy garments x100.
Sea Hag scale dressing stars castings to level 20 will activate "sea field" effect: there is small probability at the foot of his call of the sea in the battle field, in the field of auto-immune control and anti-theft, sea areas in duration of 10 seconds.
(Scales seafood dressing stars castings material God blood and seafood stars can exchange at the sanctuary the NPC Julian got)

●YY modified tasks related to gift cards to be discarded.
●Modify the bind runes, not bound by mosaic in the equipment, not-binding bug.
●Fix East Siberian main quests "Royal blood" issues cannot be completed.
●Soul career to modify

●Class Balance Read More (click here)

---12-24 gold service update
Team optimization platform:
Team full time, can ignore occupational requirements, after clicking on the line for the team captain can be sent directly to the appropriate venue.
Sea witch scales up "areas of the sea" effect of opening, concrete effects are as follows
Sea Hag scale dressing stars castings to level 20 activated "area of the sea" effect, there is small probability at the foot of his call of the sea in the battle field, in the field of auto-immune control and anti-theft, sea areas in duration of 10 seconds
Quick pay feature shelves:
Players can pay by perfect world website shortcut area bound bank card or PayPal, fast recharge and confirm payment in the game Mall, once bound platforms account for the payment of corresponding phone after finishing the corresponding operations, can recharge to account.
For more information, please see the official website www.wanmei.com payment recharge centers the shortcut area.
Store shelves "Thanksgiving special gift package".
Shaped perfectly-400 the following equipment can be destroyed.
Fix East Siberian main quests "Royal blood" issues cannot be completed.
Fix Gao Xingling pattern attribute attack type displays the wrong question.
Amend the new Boss can't get rid of the gold coins of the world's problems.


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