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Introduction career fighting spirit modification

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Exclamation Introduction career fighting spirit modification

Post by BadPicollo on Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:04 pm

1 , surprise: no longer cause harm raid meteor fall, causing serious injuries while the monster that monster damage resistance decreased by 10%
2 , the impact of cloud: no longer lead to a decline meteor flash shadow boxing injuries
3 , decisive attack: In addition to damage increased effect, but also to target additional disciplinary effect of the target deceleration starlight, starlight Correctional nester to 5 will trigger the silence and body effect when the target layer
4 , light wing Asylum: no increase in the fog hit and dodge, to increase damage resistance and injury rate by 10% , with the expanded scope of fog
5 , Pegasus stellar boxing: You can target down, fell to the ground time is fixed at 3 seconds
6 , gravitation: damage caused by the end of technology to enhance the effect of modification of 5 * consumption quantity morale
7 , light effects: the effect of acceleration and deceleration injury is no longer triggered by attacking the enemy, and now directly with the player body.

1 , Tidal Force: 5% crit rate increase was revised to an increase of 5% injury rate
2 , Aurora sublimation: now modified to trigger when the shield effect of deregulation
3 , the frozen sea of flowers forever: Ice occurrence modified to call in the target area, and the duration is 10 seconds
4 , Frost Giants seal: Skills time shortened, released at the end of the skills can be locked target additional 3 seconds, but the damage was locked target resistance is adjusted to fall by 20%
5 , Northern Cross Guardian: No longer increases the damage resistance themselves and their teammates, teammates to greatly enhance the damage ratio.
6 , Eos sanctions: Now you can be hit by lightning each target silence 2 seconds. During the same time can also be turned to release the snow storm thunder cloud skills

1 , chopped Spirit Claw: This fighting spirit when effective Alondra cut Xiang scratched extra additional effects to the monster to harm ratio decreased by 10%
2 , Galaxy waterfall hung upside down: the range of skills adjusted to 5 meter radius
3 , cloud shelter: now around 15 meters within the scope of his teammates can get this effect
4 , Heaven Sword: Sword of the monster extra additional marks state, it suffered sustained injuries
5 , Lushan Dragon Zhaohai: You can now spread to around 10 meters of range

An incentive: You can now control the state itself and move to disperse his teammates to restore the light of the release, the effect of triggering the cooling time of 12 seconds
2 , the emergency stop bleeding: Recovery of light can now upgrade themselves and their teammates Damage Resistance 5%
3 , Rose killing array: chain maze can now silence enemies within range, but at least 30 seconds to trigger a

3 , Rose killing array: chain maze can now silence enemies within range, but at least 30 seconds to trigger a
4 , Golden Horn lock: Lock modified to Lightyear corner damage increase by 20%
5 , strong bondage: Destiny round lock in force at the time the fighting spirit into the cooling time of 30 seconds
6 , the inverse of the Mysteries: with lock-dimensional angular okay, now the energy consumption of the chain maze fighting spirit in force at the time of direct halved
7 , the rescue: Reply to resist damage amount and value in the target blood less than 50% , the upgrade of 50%
8 , Pluto's amnesty: Cooldown reduced to 120 seconds
9 , the current pulse: Now when you add this to their own state, attacking their enemies will be the current down. Down effect in force up to 5 times
10 , the ion wind nebula: the probability of ion wind nebula skill reset to lock the angle of light years
11 , the fate of sacrifice: Now skills during the release, not only from the impact of control effect, but also increase damage resistance by 20%

1 , flames invasion: Impact damage to both enhance the skills of 15%
2 , the fire of hell: the effect of modifications to reduce the impact of the flame cooling time
3 , Fire Wizard: improved fire caused injury-free field effect
4 , Phoenix Soul also: Trigger immediately brought Phoenix Phoenix is now the soul and protect temporary effect can now release skills
5 , Cross Fire: The entry into force of this fighting spirit, hate murder cooling time becomes 50 seconds
6 , Obliterate force: Life at 50% or less, the stealth skills to effect the release of the first two will be able to trigger the second, but the release of stealth mode will cancel the effect of any skill
7 , Yandi areas: modifications to active skills, can make 15 teammates within meters of benefit
8 , shadow bound: Dark Phoenix summon additional damage to upgrade 30%


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