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November 25 New Sanctuary props Introduction

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November 25 New Sanctuary props Introduction

Post by BadPicollo on Mon Nov 24, 2014 4:38 pm

1- the artifact: Libra: donko's Golden Spears

As an arsenal of weapons of the Libra gold Saint clothing, there are many God-class weapons. Such as nunchaku, swords, shields, weapons, rifles, and so on, are hidden within the Libra gold Saint dress, Goddess of visible degree of trust to the Libra gold Saint Seiya.

The Golden Spears donko as Libra gold Saint coat of arms, along with donko teachers experiencing too much fighting, it has powers of the Golden spears and guarding two of the Golden spears skills.

1, the powers of the Golden Spears:

Golden spear-headed goal and stuck in the ground, and around causing extensive damage to the target and struck down for 4 seconds, then all target additional powers of the Golden gun effect, reduces the target's 10-point resistance to abnormal state, lasted 15 seconds, damage 240%.

2, designer of the Golden Spears:

Golden Spears to protect their master, to cripple the enemy attacks the host received the balance of deterrence effect, Vertigo 1.5 second trigger 3 times every 3 seconds, and expose the owner to reduce the damage by 80%, disappear after being attacked 10 times, up to 12 seconds, effect triggers with solutions (consumed by the ruler attack).

2- the ruler: Mini Orpheus

3- New fashion suits

4- New Shadow star mount


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