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December 9 (Tuesday) maintenance & update list

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December 9 (Tuesday) maintenance & update list

Post by BadPicollo on Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:58 pm

Athena's holy warriors:

In order to create a good majority of the holy warriors of the practice environment, Sacred Legion December 9, 2014 (Tuesday) from 07:00 to 08:00 routine for the whole service for routine maintenance shutdown updates. Maintenance time is expected to last about 60 minutes. Please advance will secure the assembly line, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

According to the progress of the maintenance work, the server is turned on or ahead of time may be delayed, please spread the holy warriors, pay close attention to the official website announcement. This inconvenience to you, please forgive me.

Tips: The server is turned on after 12:00 on the day, players can benefit ambassador to the sacred place, collect 500 stars coupons and a lot of experience reward. Award recipients deadline December 10, 2014 24:00.


First, the Galaxy Colosseum optimization
1, Galaxy Colosseum League mode automatically increase enrollment options
2, Galaxy Colosseum ladder can choose to display the icon to the left of the player's name
3, Galaxy Colosseum League winning streak reached 10,15,25,40 when broadcast on all servers

Second, the corps flag guard

1, and now after the guard flag was summoned, will continue to refresh around Hades magic soldiers, kill can get experience and gold certificates, but also can complete quests to earn rewards trials (and fantasy flowers hoe share count)

2, further reducing the proportion of the flag by direct injury

New sea prince scale cloth

1, in the sanctuary can be redeemed at npc Julian Prince scales sea star cast of clothing and related items.
2, requirements x50000000 gold, Golden parts x125, Bronze parts x100, silver parts x100.
3, the sea-star cast of clothing Prince scales to 20 will activate the "Wisdom of the five elements" effect: when the foot itself trigger Wisdom Five areas in the region when the damage resistance increase 40% for 10 seconds. Trigger instant control of their own immediate lifting effect, repel enemy players within seven meters wide and causing enemy players life limit of 5% damage.

Note: scales clothes star cast material god Neptune Neptune blood and starlight can be in the sanctuary at the exchange npc Julian.

The battlefield:
The number of each party war battlefield adjusted by 24 to 20 people.
Fifth, I send you to buy [the event]
Mall - Mall of Pentacles - Hot - Buy one, give the label off, all packs the shelves of the tab.
Six, the Galaxy Challenge Cup
Galactic Challenge Cup Top 8 quiz prize, eight strong race began issuing awards, please bring proof entry tickets and go to the NPC at the Guess collection.


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