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20 January maintenance and few updates (CN)

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20 January maintenance and few updates (CN)

Post by BadPicollo on Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:48 pm

20 January maintenance from 07:00 to 08:00

According to the progress of the maintenance work, the server is turned on or ahead of time may be delayed, please spread the holy warriors, pay close attention to the official website announcement. This inconvenience to you, please forgive me.

Tips: The server is turned on after 12:00 on the day, players can benefit ambassador to the sacred place, collect 500 stars coupons and a lot of experience reward. Award recipients deadline January 21, 2015 24:00.

● Open Aquarius gift II

Aquarius gift II (top) price of 500 star coins, gift Aquarius II (Extreme) priced currency will replace the original 1800 Star gift shop shelves.
Top gifts containing blood mythical x47, Silver Crystal x47, key Cosmic x47, orange Xinghun x25, ruler equipment coupon x47, Light gold x47, energy integration stone x47, Aquarius treasure x1, soul gem fragments x165, a source of spiritual power of x17
Key supreme gift of blood containing the mythical x94, Silver Crystal x94, Cosmic x94, orange Xinghun x50, ruler equipment coupon x94, Light gold x94, energy integration Stone x94, Aquarius treasure x1, soul gem fragments x330, a source of spiritual power of x34
Capricorn gifts II (top) and Capricorn gifts II (Extreme) shelf

● water bottles and water bottles back rebate spree spree
"Mall - Mall of Pentacles - Promotional value - value spree" tab in rebate shelves bottle packs and water bottles back packs.
Aquarius Star rebate package worth 5,000 coins, 80,000 stars within 30 days of the return ticket.
Aquarius Star feedback spree worth 880 coins, 30 days to return 20,000 Star coupons.
Capricorn and Capricorn back rebate spree spree shelves.

● monthly Golden Week
Xicongtianxiang! Goddess Password:
Time: January 23 to January 25
Activities npc: sacred priesthood zone "adventure Warriors monthly Golden Week"
During the event, daily, respectively, at 20: 3 Goddess password tasks appear 50: 10-20: 20, 20: 25-20: 35,20: 40-20.

Each time the task is on, adventure Warriors will give five bonus digital mission, players can visit the GT voice, listen to the radio saint exclusive channel "Star Tavern" column, select the correct password when prompted corresponding task stations, select the correct players can get random prizes, players choose not to correct only get a consolation prize.
Ready to participate in the activities of the best players in the vicinity of the Warriors adventure waiting to be given the right choice because in a short time.
Activity Award: Blood Ghost, crystal and silver, the blood of gold, orange Xinghun, experience, gold certificates, etc.
And there is a certain probability of obtaining 100 gold blood, 100 mythical blood, the source of spiritual power of 100.

Monthly Golden Week - Big Treasure:
Time: January 20 - January 26
Activities npc: sacred priesthood zone "Golden Week monthly adventure Warriors" and "monthly gift ambassador Golden Week"
During the event, every active player to reach 20 degrees, you can receive the "great treasure pieces" a warrior in the adventure at the players 1,3,5 collect fragments of convertible rich rewards in the gift of the ambassador!
Activity Award: Ghost of blood, the blood of Gold, Silver Crystal, the source of spiritual power, the 10 orange soul and so on.
Monthly Golden Week - cold winter warmth:
Time January 20 - January 26, during the event, every successful kill rebirth, incubation, Zodiac crisis abyss, crying, back to life, storms, countercurrent, goddess series can receive an additional copy of the boss to send warm cold package.
Cold warm pack: includes bonus experience and gold certificates.

● Skip animation
System settings to increase the "skip the animation" option, then check all seen the movie will no longer play.

● official micro-channel two-dimensional code
Today Calendar - Saint Seiya official earnings increase micro-channel interface-dimensional code, players can scan two-dimensional micro-letter code or find the public account "Saint Seiya" and focus more official first-hand news and surprises are waiting for you!

[Update] gold dress

● Resurrection! Large Colosseum myth
New God of War activity "rebirth! Big Colosseum myth" hot strikes, players will team up to challenge the previous generation of jihad and the Gold Saint Mingdou Shi.
"Big Dipper Arena myth" activity limit over 90 players to enter, once daily limit.
Today, you can schedule the "rebirth! Big Colosseum myth" item participate queue or routing to the "big referee" enters.
Strategic and combat strength of the new god of war activities have greatly improved, and all the holy warriors have to be careful to deal with before they can smooth customs clearance.

● bottle! Strongest trick
Updated monthly activity "bottle! Strongest trick", instead of "Capricorn! Shura kendo."
Jihad eve Aquarius long silence broke into small universe aghast. When the young holy warriors rushed Aquarius but found already gone Gold Saint Camus appear here, and this time, Aquarius Gold Saint is to pass on to the younger generation of holy warriors strongest trick ......
Access method: line up to participate in activities at the event in the calendar. "[Monthly] bottle strongest trick!." After queuing ready to enter the arena in a copy of the Galaxy.


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