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List of xmas events 12/23

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List of xmas events 12/23

Post by BadPicollo on Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:35 pm

:11426: EVENT 01 Perfect ten year youth blooms
Activity time: December 23
Activities of NPC: Marin
Activity profile: In the ancient East, there is a legendary color country, where people are good at playing the positive energy! Here the people of the world realize the dreams, the perfect ten-year anniversary of the world, let us cheer together with the goddess!
Activities Awards:Experience, experience, blood, golden blood, blood of silver, Dragon scales, out of print titles "ten years perfect · bloom of youth."

:11426: EVENT 02 Double once! Heaven artifact
Time: December 23 - December 29, daily 20: 00-21: 00
Scope of activities:More than 20 Activity flows

During daily activities, every 10 minutes will appear on the screen artifact treasures, the player clicked, will be in essence an artifact, with other probabilistic reward, an assembly of nine artifact essence, to redeem an artifact of the emblem, two emblem of an artifact of a convertible out of print artifact!
Activity Award: Print artifact, experience, experience, blood Ghost, Gold Cloth debris, blood gold, the source of spiritual power of the 100, the source of spiritual power of the 100 and so on.

:11426: EVENT 03 Double once! Hard gift

Time: December 23 – January 12
Scope of activities: More than 20 roles (single)
Activities of NPC: Christmas tree
Activity profile:

Every day up to 20 active players can draw "double Dan rave card" 1, collect 3, 6, 10, 15, Carnival cards a player can exchange at the Santa Claus generous reward!
Activities Awards: 10 Orange soul, the source of spiritual power 100, time keys 100, blood of the demon (perfect) 1.

:11426: EVENT 04 Double Dan! Track Santa Claus
Activity time: December 23
Scope of activities: More than 20 characters
Activities of NPC: Christmas tree
Activity profile

Daily in the 23rd, 24th, 25th, 3rd 20:00-22:00, can be obtained at the Christmas tree, "Santa Claus information." During the new year's period of 1, 2 and 3rd, daily rely on "Santa Claus intelligence" in the Holy Land God. Santa Claus and Exchange rewards (receive a daily reward)!
Activities Awards: Blood of the demon, 20 pieces of Crystal 20 silver and gold robes 2.

:11426: EVENT 05 Happy new year! Red packet delivery
Activity time: December 23
Activities of NPC: Christmas tree
Activity profile: December 23, and 24, and 25th, daily players can to Christmas tree at, received new year big red 2 a, the red, in January 1, and 2, and 3rd during, on other players using Shi was using of players can obtained random items award, each players, up can was gift 10 times red of opportunities, using red of people using Red Hou, can obtained large experience or experience!
Activities Awards: Experience, experience, blood Ghost, Silver Crystal, the key time and space, a source of spiritual power.

:11426: EVENT 06 Flying Santa
Activity time: December 23
Activities of NPC: Sanctuary Claus
Description of activity:

1- during the event, at 6 o'clock every day-23 period, Santa Claus appears in every half hour or 1 hour of Holy Land cruises, along an irregular random glitter gift, who grabbed even who.
2- the players in the Decade of perfection · in the bloom of youth and the flying Santa activities, can have a chance to "Silver" or "gold", use 2 kinds of coins, lottery at the Santa Claus, a higher reward of gold than silver.
Activities Awards: Mysterious random rewards

:11426: EVENT 07 Ice dance! Snowman invasion
Activity time: On December 27 and 28th, January 1-4th
Activity profile: Goddess of ice trapped in the cold snow mountains code will be the coldest time of the year to send her staff, revenge on those who imprisoned her for the gods of Olympus. Right now, countless snowmen invaded occupied the Holy Land, threatens the peace of the Earth.
Activity flows: Players during the event by specifying the NPC to enter designated areas, players entering the map may, on their own team, joined his teammates in opposing a snowman invasion. Open a total of 30 minutes of activity, to kill more!
Activities Awards: Experience, experience

:11426: EVENT 08 Santa's plight
Activity time: During the double once every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Activity profile: Santa Claus prepared a generous gift for the Saints, however, a group of bad guys to steal Santa's gifts, and now they have Santa stuck in the snow mountains, the urgency of the situation, saving Santa Claus now! After a successful rescue, rewards can be probabilistic, Oh!
Activities Awards: Experience, experience, Silver blood, the blood of gold, orange Xinghun, Gold Cloth debris, blood mythical 100, Key of Time 100 (random access to reward props).

:11426: EVENT 09 Capricorn! Shura Kendo
Activity time: December 23
Activity profile:  Forces of the underworld while the night ready to invade the Holy domain news Saints immediately went to meet soldiers of the underworld. Until the Saints arrived inside, they found a familiar figure of guards there, gold Saint Capricorn Shura's soul is still fighting for protection of Holy Land Warrior.
Activities Awards: Experience,experience, blood: mythical, crystal, Silver, dragon scales, mopping card.

:11426: EVENT 10 Happy new year! Saints parade
Activity time: January 1-3rd
Activity profile: Goddess in order to improve the combat capabilities of the Saints, especially during the new year period, taking battlefield to improve incentives. Complete 2 times daily battleground quests, you can receive an additional battlefield double reward!

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