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Guardian guide

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Guardian guide  Empty Guardian guide

Post by Abhorsenalchemist on Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:56 am

I play on the Thailand Athena server, so I am not sure if this guide will help with all versions of SSO. Hopefully, it does or at least gives players some sense of direction when it comes to their guardians.

(Also, some of my screen caps are older than the information that I have learned since I made my first screen caps, but I will do my best to explain as thoroughly as I can.)

Alright, semi-first off, you should be aware that you will need to work for guardian pts when you reach level 59. These points will basically stock up and unlock more items that you can buy from the guardian merchants. The less pts you have means the more limited that items will be available to you when you shop for your guardians.  

[Your guardian bar can be found on the Reputation menu. It will be the second bar under 'Perso.' and have pictures of guardians and their skills.]

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxbnaHtFF1si4ufp_500

The main way to get these pts would be to finish the main guardian quest and then talk to one of the Kiki merchants after each dailies reset. Most players take this quest before doing the Save Athena daily. I believe Kiki will give you 1000 pts per quest each reset until your guardian bar reaches its max value. If he doesn't have a yellow quest marker above him, check your quest list to see if you've completed the main guardian quest.

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxbvmcYjk1si4ufp_500
Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxbx2sh7x1si4ufp_500

[Kiki's pts quest will usually ask for you to give him 10 soul light.]


Okay, you can have up to 6 guardians. When you do a quest for Kiki on Death Queen’s Island and get your first guardian at lvl 59, there should be five ‘locked’ guardian slots. To open these, you will need to buy from game’s shop (press J).

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxc96OVv81si4ufp_500

[When you have this shop menu open, scroll down to the bottom where you see the pet icon. The first tab beneath that should have these leaf icons above (called Heart of Zodiac).]

Each of these Hearts of Zodiac will unlock one slot for a new guardian. When you have them and are ready to open your guardian slots, open your innovatory and your guardian menu. Then just click on the ‘lock’ icons in order to active them.

Heart of Zodiac 1 = Slot 1
Heart of Zodiac 2 = Slot 2
Heart of Zodiac 3 = Slot 3
Heart of Zodiac 4 = Slot 4
Heart of Zodiac 5 = Slot 5

However, do not worry about having to buy all at once to open each slot. Do so at your own pace. Now on to the Guardian Menu.

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxchywgHD1si4ufp_500

You guardians will appear on the left side of the menu when you active them from your innovatory. The main guardian (which will follow you and aid in battle) will be the one on the very top.

Spare guardians will appear in slots 1 through 5 (these are unlocked with the Hearts of the Zodiac. Mine are currently all unlocked, which is why they have a blue circle icon instead of a ‘locked’ icon).

Your guardian’s skills will appear in the four dark slots at the top right. You will need to unlock these slots to using Spectrum Hearts.

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxcq1gJar1si4ufp_500

Speak to the Kiki in the middle. Unless you are looking for armor (which I’ll explain in a moment), open the first option on his pop up.

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxcs0KFic1si4ufp_400

Spectrum Hearts would just like Hearts of the Zodiac. However, you will need Spectrum Heart 1-4 for each guardian that you want to unlock skills for. Pro tip: only start using Spectrum Hearts to unlock skills after you have lvl 79 guardian or up.

[I'm not to familiar with guardian skills yet. However, it was explained to me not waste adding skills to a guardian until you’re sure you know that skill is best for your guardian. Unlike armor, skills cannot be removed from a guardian when you wish to switch guardians.

You will sometimes find skills as drops in dailies. The level of these skills will vary on your player level. For example, a level 88 player will find a level 3 skill. You can buy better skills. If you happen to be in a guide, your guild may give you guardian skills if they have it in their guild storage.

Okay, now for the tricky part. Armor for Guardians. This is were you need to click the second option on Middle Kiki’s pop up. You should see a list like this.

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxd3a3WEx1si4ufp_400
Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxd3jH6B41si4ufp_400
Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxd3ukLsJ1si4ufp_400
Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxd46F7U11si4ufp_400
Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxd4eS2VN1si4ufp_400

This is a lot to take in, but I’ll explain is as best as I can. If you have enough of this item,

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxd7cKCwf1si4ufp_400

You shouldn’t have to worry and be able to get the basic armor (that has IV in it’s name) that appears on the first pic. The main objective is to try and get all golden armor that has a roman numeral V in it’s name.

[There are different ways to get star coverage scrolls. I received a lot of mine through SSO gift events. However, I believe players sell them and you can get them through the dailies boxes.]

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_nvb8pgtOAT1si4ufp_400

Now, you will need 4 of each basic armor (IV) in order to trade that in for the gold (V).

Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_npxdizOa2K1si4ufp_400

Now, the gold armor cannot be brought with star scrolls. Meaning, you will need all the basic armor, non-trade-able money, Lightning Stars, plus the green and silver cloth items for buying it. When you have everything each gold armor piece requires, you will be able to buy 1 full gold (V) armor set.

Repeat this same process to get another set for your guardians (if you desire to do that).


Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_nqegmbZR8U1si4ufp_500

'Star Condensate' can add some pts your guardian bar. There is a limit to using this item, so don't rely on it for getting a lot of guardian pts. It's just a small boost.


Guardian guide  Tumblr_inline_nvb48jkvET1si4ufp_400

Star Hearts can be bought and feed to your guardians. This item increases a guardian's aptitude, which I believe increases their over all power.


Your guardians will affected your power level (pl). The more guardians you have (especially if you get six that match your current lvl) , as well as giving them armor and feeding their aptitude will increase what pl you currently have.

For now, this is everything I can think of regarding guardians. Feel free to ask me questions or point out if I missed anything.

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