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Exchange emblem t+1 for t

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Exchange emblem t+1 for t Empty Exchange emblem t+1 for t

Post by Edleth on Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:28 pm

Hello guys, here you have a little guide about upgrading main cloth. It's use only to explain why it's useless to stay at any lvl before 65 to get emblem t1.

Here you have each emblem you need to upgrade your cloth at different stats :

For upgrade it from 1 to 11 you need emblem t1.

For upgrade it from 11 to 17 you need emblem t2.

For upgrade it from 17 to 32 you need emblem t3.

For upgrade it from 32 to 48 you need emblem t4.

At the npc next to silver cloth seller, you have an old man.

The silver cloth seller is the man with headband next to bronze cloth seller.

At this old man, you can exchange emblem t+1 against emblem t. That's mean :

- 6 x t2 (11-16) for 10 x t1 (1-10) emblems; level cap : 30th

Emblem t1:
Exchange emblem t+1 for t Emblem10

- 6 x t3 (17-32) for 10 x t2 (11-16) emblems; level cap : 50th

Emblem t2:
Exchange emblem t+1 for t Emblem11

- one for one t4 (33-48) for t3 (17-32) emblems; level cap : 70th

Emblem t3:
Exchange emblem t+1 for t Emblem12

Bronze cloth seller is the young man with red shirt on sanctuary bottom part.

At this old man, you have to select second choice, the yellow triangle.

Where's the npc:
Exchange emblem t+1 for t 2014-011
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