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New Dungeon - Butterfly nest

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Exclamation New Dungeon - Butterfly nest

Post by BadPicollo on Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:38 am

Hatch! About offerings butterfly nest

Mysterious underworld piranha, sexy red roses covered with the audience, it seems hidden crisis. Shiren conducted five mysterious ritual Underworld channel will be open, for love and peace in the earth, Athena's holy warriors who must destroy the ceremony.

Time: 12:00-14:00 , 20:00-22:00
Number of participants: 4-6 people
Etc.rade: 90-100 Level
Award Reed: Experience, vouchers, gold, 40 points Activity

Figure: Entrance NPC

A copy of the presentation:
The copy of the daily completion of a second, and "build! Zodiac crisis," "born again! sanctuary Requiem" common limited times. Support "Inheritance team model" in the tradition of the team mode, clearance incentives based 90 -level look at the number of players, to 90 players over level payment heritage value of the award.

Figure: a copy of the map

Process description:
1 , into the copy, it will brush strange batch in five regions around the round table.
2 , after the flowers strange brush, such as 40S not kill or BOSS Yaoxing time to time of birth, the corresponding flowers will hatch out the same number of beetles, butterflies offerings, and other monsters lurk. After the monster hatch, flowers disappear.
3 , do not blame the falling flowers tasks Crystal, hatched mobs drop crystal, crystal icons corresponding color before the parcel have this crystal.
4, kill small BOSS to yaoxing after entering Yu Ling Time: brush Ambassador Yu Ling, and five corresponding color eggs.
5 , click on the task at Crystal track, it will consume crystal obtained 30S of BUFF , according to the corresponding color eggs into sustained injuries, at least two people simultaneously, as may crush the corresponding color eggs.
6 , when the NPC Ambassador Yu Ling brush 180S or the player and the player and NPC dialogue cancel Yu Ling after time, the eggs and NPC disappeared into the next wave of brush strange process, and so on until 5 waves brushing.
7 , the egg will soon be crushed beetles corresponding color brush BOSS , kill has rich rewards. Yu Ling next time, crushed egg is not refreshed again.
8 , at 5 after wave of blame are brushing, then brush out the final BOSS Sphinx, a copy of the clearance after the kill
9 , when the 5 eggs were crushed and kill the corresponding BOSS , is particularly refreshing a reward BOSS , kill there are rich rewards.

Figure: crushed egg


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