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Battle Of Gods New Serrie? Discussions.

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Battle Of Gods New Serrie? Discussions.

Post by BadPicollo on Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:34 pm

Soo All have same question
Will there be a new Dragon Ball Z series after Battle of Gods?

I think there will be..im DAMN sure of it because(SPOILER ALERT) at the end of battle of gods, it was said that there was 12 gods and the god they fought was the weakest..they also stated that they would come back in three years to face goku once more, because goku couldn't beat the enemy...
Sources :

Soo i search in google what ppl think about new serrie or more movies soo all think there will be new serrie. What you think about it?

Possible New Series

Rumors have been circulating around the anime community about the possibility of having a new series, but up to this point there is no confirmation to the news yet. However, based on some fans who have seen the movie already, Dragon Ball Z:Battle of the Gods, with its suggestive ending, leaves a good opening for a new series. Let’s just wait and hope for the best my friends.

Here’s an interesting insight from Toriyama:
Oops, and for those having a hard time understanding Japanese, good thing I found an English translation of the commentary here:http://www.saiyanisland.com/2013/03/akira-toriyama-interview/

For more info, here’s the official website of the movie: http://www.dragonball2013.com/


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Re: Battle Of Gods New Serrie? Discussions.

Post by DJPrince on Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:30 pm

that movie was a total success talking about dbz battle of gods nice mniacuario :04434 :04417
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