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Saint Seiya Game News 2013-08-28

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Exclamation Saint Seiya Game News 2013-08-28

Post by BadPicollo on Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:45 pm

"Saint Seiya" the first piece of information "Galaxy Prequel" September 16 beta

Perfect World blooded self-developed large-scale 3D fighting games anime "Saint Seiya" Since the beta has been overwhelming majority of holy warriors fans attention. Millions of players 27 years witnessed the continuation of the classic anime sublimation again, once again appreciate those years had been moved to our "Saint Seiya." The "Saint Seiya" the first piece of information "Galaxy Prequel" will be held on September 16 officially meet with the players. Official website today leaflets will also be updated simultaneously.
[Galaxy Fighters fight it based Friends]
Galaxy Fighters represents an attitude, a passionate pleasure. As the name implies in the expansion players will get more and better combat experience. And the battle you will never be a person, being called loudly shout, based Friends of the thousands and thousands. Gather your friends a good base, this Galaxy Fighters join now!
[Dotted constellation deduction Legion urban warfare]
As part of this piece of information focused on the introduction of the content, Legion warrior in the galaxy city as a template, follow the astrolabe on a constellation of a figurative one city, for each player to bring as mythological epic Clash of the Titans majestic grand scenes. The Legion fought fight for territory through the ownership of the competition. In this piece of information update, the victory is not only an Army occupied city, it is a starry sky. Victor victor not only enjoy the rewards, better access to the continuation of benefits for a long time, so that you and your friends a good base by fighting the winner of the chapters written, so full of the glory of light flashes across the galaxy! Fighting it, based Friends!

Figure 1: The battle continues deduction galaxy Galaxy Fighters
[Sacred sanctuary feel Gods glory clothes come]
As "Saint Seiya" in essence one play point, Cloth has been the majority of players relish. Whether it is gold, silver or bronze Cloth attracts the attention of gamers. In the Sept. 16 on-line information on the film, the sacred garment will penetrate the veil falls sanctuary is strong enough holy warriors are icing on the cake.

Figure 2: commanding grasp the initiative in fighting
In the "Saint Seiya" original, the jacket is a highly sacred blood of Athena's blessing, and evolved to transcend Gold Cloth, second only to God Cloth clothing. To the greatest degree of holy warriors protecting and Guards forces. Seiya God Cloth rely spike up to take all Si, instantaneous, also to sacred clothing will Hypnos killed. Imbued with the sacred blood of Athena flashy clothes faded, restore Cloth color, pattern overlying quaint, ancient mystical and powerful atmosphere circulation therein. Wings to fly, the world seems moment separated. I believe that you and your friends will be stunned for a good base
[Depth restore the original gold cloak fluttering moving]
Cloak always give people a chic atmosphere of the visual impact, Gold Saint sacred not only because of their unique Gold Cloth, gorgeous chic float after cloak is added points. September 16 "Saint Seiya" piece of information for the Gold Cloth custom cape, wear cape not only more valiant, as well as combat power bonus oh.

Figure 3: Cloak possessed more realistic battle

Figure 4: Height restore the original feel funny animation
[More exciting piece of information fun to play point]
The Sept. 16 open beta of "Saint Seiya" the first piece of information "Galaxy Prequel" includes not only the magnificent mighty legions urban warfare, directed pinnacle of the sacred and the icing on the cake of the Gold Cloth clothing cloak, there will be More new equipment, new ways of new activities waiting for you. In the name of friendship multiplayer QTE combos for you and the faithful in the battle drawbacks base, Cloth Zodiac offerings to bring you a different kind of visual experience, a close friend, mentoring relationship so that your social circle closer , artifact system lets your little universe broke out more energy. More exciting play, fun activities, please continue to focus on "Saint Seiya" Sept. 16 first piece of information "Galaxy Prequel." Burn, a small universe!


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Exclamation Re: Saint Seiya Game News 2013-08-28

Post by Dragus on Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:04 am

That prequel :Monkey10: here's a pic :goku: 

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