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The first burst reward: Balance! There are gold soul glory (Legio

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Star The first burst reward: Balance! There are gold soul glory (Legio

Post by DJPrince on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:03 pm

Athena's holy warriors:
Balance! There are gold soul glory (Legion) inter-service Championship will be officially opened April 14 finalists battle, mysterious reward officially announced!
The inter-service tournament participation prize, in addition to a large number of premium props, shape containing a set of incentives permanent "Bill Fashion crimson suit" and "balance! There are gold fearless soul," the title one. In addition, each cut one time, you can get a copy cut Award. In the award winners, the sanctuary was first opened Legion full reward system. Get the winners of three corps members, can receive the full award winners exclusive 1.

Full exclusive award winners, a total of 60 parts, each of 30 participating corps members will get a copy, in addition to participating in the corps members have been active during the game, and the combat power ranking in the top 30 players in the Corps to obtain 1, a total of 60 parts. Second best quarter to get within 60 Legion exclusive rewards players will also receive a bonus copy Legion support!

Game schedule and specific way to receive rewards will be published in the official website recently, prepare participating corps timely attention official news! Specific awards are as follows:
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