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Golden Week activities 01/21/2015 (CN)

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Golden Week activities 01/21/2015 (CN)

Post by BadPicollo on Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:30 pm

1- as an absolute godsend! Goddess password
Time: starts January 23-January 25, 20:00
Activities of NPC: the monthly golden week-adventure Warrior
Participation: players can be found at GT voice, listen to exclusive Saint radio channels "milky way bar" section, famous radio show host-Coco will lead the mission.

During the event, respectively, daily in the 20:10-20:20, 20:25-20:35, 20:40-20:50 3 times to listen to radio rewards, each time numbers 5 bonus will appear within the task, which is only one reward and random jackpot, others were consolation prizes.
After guessing the lucky numbers, with the exception of fixed "experience/experience and gold certificates" things can also randomly received a variety of awards! Such as lucky number guess fails, then only a small amount of "experience/experience and gold certificates" award.
Reward: experience or experience, gold certificates and silver Crystal, Orange star soul, the blood of the demon blood, 100 gold 100, psychic power source of 100 (the answer choices randomly get one item at a time)

2- monthly gold treasures
Date: January 20-January 26
Activities of NPC: the monthly golden week-adventure Warrior
Receive reward NPC: Ambassador of the monthly Golden Week-gift (47528)

During the event, everyday activity up to 20 players can draw "big pieces of treasure" 1, collect 1, 3, 5 treasure map player, every time redeem except outside a handful of premium items, and 1 Super Grand Prize! At the Ambassador gift exchange great reward!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] - treasure map
Super prizes are as follows:
1 treasure map Exchange: source of spiritual power 100
3 treasure map Exchange: 10 Orange stars
5 treasure map Exchange: Silver Crystal 100

3- cold winter warm
Date: January 20-January 26
Activities: During the event, every successful kill reborn, hatch, abyss, Avenger replicas, such as BOSS for extra warmth experience package, opens the huge "experience/experience and gold certificates" rewards.
Activity rewards: huge amounts of experience or experience, gold certificates

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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