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List of updates - 4 September 2014

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List of updates - 4 September 2014

Post by BadPicollo on Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:46 pm

Reggie mystery, fierce coming days! After days of fierce new perspective to show the dark side of the star, and the days of fierce Star Gallon both die, Gallon distressed sea, day and shoved stars fall sanctuary. Pandora appears, indicating that the current pattern is about to break, the fate of the call, so that day fierce star blockbuster return. Guardian warriors of justice, let us at the time of the arrival of a new era, together compose a sacred myth!

To welcome the arrival of a new piece of information, the sanctuary Legion 2014 9 月 4 日 (星期四) 07:00 to 08:00 for the whole service down for maintenance updates. Maintenance time is expected to last about 60 minutes. Then please advance security offline, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

According to the progress of maintenance work, the server may open earlier or later time, please spread the holy warriors, pay close attention to the official website announcement. This inconvenience to you, please understand.

Tips: server open from 12:00, the player can go to the sanctuary looking for welfare recipients 500 Star Ambassador vouchers and experience rewards. The deadline to receive reward September 4, 2014 24:00.

[Update] Formal wear

==================== Related activities ====================

● revive carnival popular open!

From now until September 22: Open the piece back to life carnival-related activities, to participate in the activities available to the Mid-Autumn carnival coupon.

Use coupon can be redeemed for a variety of luxury gift. (Including blood mythical, blood mythical (will perfect), Silver Crystal, key time and space, emblem orange Xinghun, blood gold, artifact, the source of spiritual power, etc.)

For more detailed information, you can view the "rebirth carnival piece of information activity" under the radar activities described by the button. You can also see in today's schedule.

There are more lines next event, so stay tuned official website.

● Class soaring spree - to help you quickly grow!

Increase Moling Activities task - to receive soaring spree: soaring spree which contains a large number of massive and massive experience ferocity.

You can use a total of 10 times, 20 to 94 players, the use of a once daily can improve one, after 95 or more players each use, available 10 billion ferocity experience.

September 4 to open the server can receive more than 20, at 6:00 on September 24 end of the event

● mall spree updates!

Star coins mall shelves "value carnival return gifts", replacing the previous "18 times the return of crazy gift bag." No matter whether used before "18 times the return of crazy gift package", can be used only once.

Star coins mall shelves artifact spirits discount packs, energy integration stone discount packs, price concessions, or never!

From now until September 25, at the mall every star coins to redeem a voucher star, the star will be entitled to a voucher (formerly get four stars coupons, coupons now received a total of five stars), will receive up to 10,000 stars coupons.

● [events] dream God! Like a dream to dust (god of war tricyclic) update

Dream God invade Lushan, Wulaofeng precarious, without fear of evil holy warriors, please burn your little universe, out of a nightmare, get rid of the haze, defeated the evil god dream it!

Increased by more than 90 players can participate in the activities: "! Dream of God like a dream to dust." The event included three consecutive copies can enter from the sanctuary Chunli place. Can only participate in three times a day, after the completion of the copy fit to kill the dream of God, have high experience reward and lucrative fall. (The event with the "big counterattack! Ice country Cthulhu" and "heritage! Gold trials" common meter times, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday opening, and Wednesday, six open "countercurrent! Gold trials' rotation )

"Dreams from! Summer insects toward bacteria" is a nightmare 伊克洛 and nightmares 奥涅 nightmare depending led Underworld Army dominated the powerful forces of evil flooded at the foot of Lushan Mountain, holy warriors who must break through their block to enter the "Dream! broken Hill residual cliff "

Entrenched in the "Dream! Broken Hill residue cliff" is the magic of fantasy and illusion Morpheus Tasso led forces of the underworld dream, dream rolling holy warriors who interfered with thoughts and strength, out of holy warriors who only dream to enter "wake up! waterfalls"

In the "wake up! Waterfalls" in the summit of Mount Lushan fit the dream of God, is the leader of the invasion forces Lushan Underworld, he uses the power of dreams really do not confuse the death of the dragon as his vassal, powerful people daunting, holy warriors who defeated him outbreak of small universe! Save Lushan!

● Heroic update

[Hero] Lanbing Fort Drop improve

Equipment falling substantially increase the probability of rare boss. Different difficulty falling rare boss has a clear difference in the probability of equipment.

"Gladiator", "God Warrior", "Chosen," "God paternity," "semi-god" "killing God" difficult boss, the probability of falling equipment were a rare times, two times, three times, four times, five times, six times the standard probability.

[Hero] Hades City

Hardee City is Mingdou Shi position on the ground, but also the ground entrance to the underworld. Here entrenched large Mingdou Shi.

Saint Seiya Hades into the city were crushed Hades Hades minions in the city, in order to open up access to the underworld to save Athena road.

There are strange demon castle Omen star flower Quinn, vicious demon bird day Pakistan even cry Star dyne, cunning Medici Star Frog 赛洛斯 fierce and powerful star Lada Mandys day waiting for players to challenge.

Hardee's 100 + rating for the hero of the city, providing difficult challenges for high-level players. Heroes need 60 points to enter, limit five times a week, together with other heroes of the meter times.

Hardee city has a higher than Fort Lanbing difficult challenge, there will be a better drop the corresponding reward. Probability Hardee city "fighters" "God Warrior", "Chosen" "God paternity" "semi-god" "killing God" difficult boss, drop rare equipment were two times, four times, six times, seven times , 8 times, 9 times the standard probability.

● [hero] Hades City Racing event

Between September 4 - October 8 date, players challenge the new heroics Hardee city, get a surprise reward. The challenges of paternity and more difficult for God, four boss challenge the same difficulty, the system automatically records the operating hours. Each difficulty operating hours minimum 50 teams will reap rewards. Specific activity rules, see the official website of "Carnival Hero Challenge" page.

● [narrowing it! Junior] back!

Update battlefield "shrink it! Teenager" instead of "Snowman abducting."

Narrow teenagers back! This time, the holy warriors who will receive an additional battlefield reputation in the game!

● [Mid-Autumn Festival! Trampled Mingdou Shi] Update

Update Festival "Autumn! Trample Mingdou Shi" instead of monthly activity "bloody! Nordic Fuzion."

Dream God with a group Mingdou Shi ready ambush attack on the holy warriors battle in the sky thing is being prepared Mid rabbits know, rabbits notify the holy warriors and holy warriors prepared for the newly developed secret moon cake, holy warriors have become huge and prepare together crushed Mingdou Shi it!

● Close [May Day! Thanks goddess]

Close the "May Day! Goddess of gratitude" campaign, will reward incorporated [Autumn! Trampled Mingdou Shi] and [showdown! I am the BOSS].

● Upgrade Super Running Events

Running Events optimized super, super Running contestants change, now super run better and more adorable smile.

● battlefield task optimization

Battlefield task optimization, and now players can acess regular daily and weekly tasks in the battlefield battlefield.

● Events Calendar

Optimize the activity calendar, events calendar interface increases, you can now display more content, while increasing the low-level page, the original recommendation of the lower activity into the label. Events Calendar adds complete set at the end of the function, activity has been completed can set the bottom will display the player easier to find the content they want.

==================== Guardian constellation and skills ====================

● New Wyvern Class


● Add a layer of fighting spirit

Increased to nine layers 8 layers all occupations fighting spirit from the original. They become more powerful holy warriors of the.


Shame [Pegasus]: blood less than 40%, the trigger of the War [Pegasus] state, so that every time you attack wounded limit of 5% of the maximum of life, the highest entry into force of eight times for 30 seconds, the effect of 90 second trigger a

[Dance] Swift: active after being attacked dodge within four seconds of the physical value returned 20:00

[Motion Light Soul]: Every once consumed fighting skills, can reduce the light fist [meteor] 5 seconds fast cooling time


Storm clouds []: make [cloud] on the frozen snow Baolei fixed body of the unit damage increase 50% (only the frozen body of a given unit effectively been frozen units do not upgrade deceleration injury)

[A] arctic: Shiratori suffered permanent reduction in the probability of 15% crit

[Dance winter of]: [Dance] Shiratori the cast, the combustion within five meters of the 50-point range enemy strength


[Strengthen Thang Long-array]: [Thang Long-array] and [Libra arsenal [keep]] during the game against the inside of the enemy continued deceleration 2 m, if the enemy ran from the array, it will be pulled back, while the consumption of its 60 points strength. Take effect once per person.

[Rage Dragon Soul]: [true] dragon with teeth cast on the target at the start of deceleration 3 m / sec for 5 seconds, and the skills of each attack will resume its 5:00 physical value.

[Fragmentation catapult]: [Dragon Shield] after crushing enemies within 6 meters wide cause a lot of damage.


[Will] Stars: Stars [freedom] to target an additional 20% damage resistance, while allowing yourself to get 1.5 seconds of stealth

[Hot hinge]: Each cast [split air storm angle lock] is a 10% chance to get "hot hinge" effect, get 25% divinity field value immediately, and the next [split air storm angle lock] consumes only 25% divinity field value effects, damage effects of divinity field value 100%

[Times per Shield]: Triggered when the fairy blood less than 40% "sub-element shield" immune control and absorb 80% damage, but they can not cast spells effect lasts six seconds. Can only be triggered at most once within 90 seconds.


[Dark raving]: Use [plasma] have 10% chance of storms summon all four kings

[Plume of flame]: [Phoenix] to all enemies pixilated Phoenix additional five layers through which the flames burning state

[Death Queen summon]: [flame] Death Queen has 30% chance to summon a dark phoenix extra seat

- Sea Dragon

[Temporal turbulence]: Tear temporal, spatial and temporal vortex cast [] a 20% chance to clear the cooldown.

[Phantom Storm]: Use [ecliptic eruption], [Magic] hazy fist when a 35% chance to summon an extra avatar, your avatar will inherit the value of good and evil, imitate your movements once you cast with the same skills. After the cast disappear.

[Residual trace fans]: Use [space-time vortex] after crit rate reduction increased by 30% for 10 seconds, if the avatar (space-time vortex and flash skills to summon the avatar) was killed, free storm disappeared, but the owner 20 replies point physical value

● vocational skills and fighting spirit of change


Skills [tornado] cold cast time by 8 seconds to 0.6 seconds, the effect is to cause harm to the target area and the fixed body 3 seconds.

Advent skills [Aquarius] extra additional state, Frost Bomb damage increase of 100% of its

Fighting spirit [cold] target additional deterrent against attack with a shield attached [flame] frozen state, it can not play crit within 6 seconds.


[Roar] Lushan Long skills cooling time becomes 5 seconds. Damage increased dramatically.

Skills] [Dragon Soul crack break down to 15 seconds cooling time

Skills] [Dragon Soul intense burning can release under controlled circumstances, the immediate lifting of control when released.


[Bound] fighting spirit strong role in the fate of the circle during the [Lock] allows the main target stun 2 seconds

Pluto fighting spirit [amnesty] additional duration increased to 30 seconds states, as well as target additional suction wound shield, absorbing 20% maximum life skills deliverer damage

Skills [demons] divine state of surrender, you can give yourself and teammates enveloped additional [SG], to avoid injury by 20% for 5 seconds

● A change of skills soul

A activate skills [Pegasus mark I] [I] [King whales imprint imprint imprint Titan I] [I] [I] soul Phoenix imprint can be controlled in the state to use while in this state will get crit rate reduction of 75% of the state

==================== Attributes play ====================

● Open New Cloth

Tianwei Star exclusive Aphrodite Surplice: Tianwei Star

Bronze Cloth: Corona Australis, silver Orioles seat

Silver Cloth: Silver flies seat, Coma Berenices, Sagitta, Ophiuchus

Bully Aphrodite Surplice: Tianlao Star

The word Aphrodite Surplice: to yaoxing, the evil star, the Dark Star, the violent star, overcast star, walked stars, the prisoners sing

● open new ways Systems: Protoss awakening

After reaching 95 players will open the Protoss awakening system, Cloth star cast to a certain level, you can make the garments Protoss awakening awakening Protoss will provide its own property

Protoss after awakening can be equipped to get its property and equipment. There are a central column and four surrounding fields, also equipped with a maximum of five. If the equipment is in a specific combination Protoss, Protoss will trigger resonance, resonate property. But only equipment in the central field of the Protoss, in order to trigger resonate with other Protoss.

Strengthen the Protoss can improve their grades and properties. Star yuan strengthened required by the "Star Yuan Search" to get, will drop in activity. Protoss level will affect all the properties associated with the resonance force awakening of several different skills, awakening consumption values ​​can upgrade these skills. Awakening value can be obtained by strengthening the Protoss.

● Open ruler star and collection system

Part rare ruler will enhance the star through advanced features. After the star upgrade, ruler, will have a higher qualification limit. Part of the ruler rise 5 stars, the change will have a shape (currently only open Moling shape changes, the other ruler would gradually open)

Open ruler collection function into selected bits ruler ruler of qualification for the play will have a bonus. Each ruler can only be placed in a collection box.

When the ruler qualification refresh again, if the qualification does not exceed the current qualification, current qualifications will be retained, not drop it!

● 12 step 13 pink-quality equipment, property adjustment order

Adjust the 12 bands with 13 bands pink hair band quality, talisman necklace incidental property

● Open Gold Cloth debris fragments convertible into Aphrodite Surplice

Gold Cloth fragments can now be redeemed for Aphrodite Surplice Pandora debris in the sanctuary at the NPC.

10 Gold Cloth debris Aphrodite Surplice convertible into 10 pieces, the largest convertible 10 times. On top of this, every two Gold Cloth debris convertible one Aphrodite Surplice debris.

==================== Legion related ====================

● The Pope system on-line:

Open a new system, "the pope system." Distinguished from the divine birth of the universe Tournament Pope occupied the main city of the three Legion. Pope has a number of privileges, is the supreme presence server, the entire server as a leading server confrontation between the sacred mission. Gentlemen you please cherish your hands holy warriors of the vote, the vote that it gives you recognized candidate.

Pope candidates from each of the three main city of the Legion recommend a person.

Ranking combat power into the server at the time of the election of Pope turned 500 roles before voting.

After this update, in order to help the Army better prepare for the papal election, especially during the first session of the papal election, the papal candidate stage for an extended period of time, is expected on September 16 you can start voting it!

As the game progresses the Pope will continue to add new content.

Details see "Pope" panel "social" button under.

● Army raid

Legion exclusive copy of the new 12-36 person team mode "to enter! Counterattack Underworld", instead of "resurgent Elegy" and "God of mischief." After repelling the invading forces of the underworld sanctuary, the holy warriors who followed the guidance of Athena into the Underworld! Army chief or by proxy army chief to receive the underworld map Dracula for senior employees at the Army base, leading members to the underworld from 古拉杜 employees at Galaxy Arena.

March is divided into seven stages, one of which can be done daily, weekly reset.

Each phase requires 12-36 were holy warriors to challenge the composition of a large group, after the victory of the whole legion of players can be in the Army base to receive the fruits of victory. The battle will be more brutal, rewards will also be getting rich, so please upgrade it as soon as their strength.

See detailed calendar of events.

● Universe Competition

20:00 game time to adjust to six per week. Weekly contest adjusted to 2, respectively, in 20:00 and 20:40 admission, if both win two games, you can open a double-wide service award. Universe Championship winning side increased 50,000 bonus content server Ares prestige universe tournament opening match function.

● Legion Qualifying

Legion qualifying adjusted to 22:00 every Saturday to go to war, 21: Unable to enter the base to wait for 55 minutes to prepare from.

● Legion banner

Army elite class more players can now learn the skills to summon the Legion banner, the banner can be plugged in at the enemy corps base, significantly reduce the value of surrounding enemy players lucky, and there are flags guardians of spiritual attack enemy players.

Star coins Mall - features props - Legion flags can be changed to increase guard npc props.

==================== Other related ====================

● mystery shop

Every Sunday in the auction will randomly refresh mystery shops sell rare commodity.

● Welcome screen

Optimize the welcome screen, now more beautiful divination content directly, while increasing the goddess Message function, I hope you can give your game a little fun and life.

● daily clearing functions

Today's schedule (Events Calendar) interface increases the revenue function, the interface will show all items and money earnings as early as six players to the present day to get the help you more clearly that their earnings, and more convenient to plan your game behavior .

● a copy of the settlement function

A copy of the settlement increased functionality, now 15 seconds after the completion of the copy can pop a copy of the settlement proceeds, you can view the items and money income obtained during the copy.

● Help Guidelines

To help novice players familiar with the game environment faster and better, the original "physical combat power" has been renamed "Saint entry and improve", and add a lot of content, change update some content depending on the version.

"Saint entry and improve" the lower left corner of the radar can "check" button to enter the word. Welcome to novice players to use. (A better way to get help is to communicate with other players)

Optimize the goddess guidance systems, increasing and adjusting some guidance processes.

● Role trading temporarily closed

By unknown airstream, the role of trade temporarily closed. Opening hours please pay attention again to update bulletin

● the way to tell you a good news: dedicated fashion warehouse would open, but this version yet, so stay tuned :)

[Update] gold clothes

● copy Legion activities difficult adjustment

BOSS maximum life replica of severe lower 1,2

After the return of blood from the lower rate of violent fighting 3,4,5 copy of BOSS

● Gold service inter-service open

You can also play with a partner with small!

● Battlestar Galactica adjustment

Star Alliance can not get assistance from other Legion battle to join the alliance troops in the Army for three days.

Official News: http://seiya.wanmei.com/news/gamebroad/20140903/163593.shtml
Translated by google translate.


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Re: List of updates - 4 September 2014

Post by ljitu on Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:15 pm

Really big update !
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Re: List of updates - 4 September 2014

Post by SonWest on Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:43 am

Wow nice update, anybody else has problems like me?
When I open launcher, nothing happens, I try the fix buttom and nothing either :(


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Re: List of updates - 4 September 2014

Post by DJPrince on Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:28 pm

nice big update dude
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Re: List of updates - 4 September 2014

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