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Luxury Wedding Guide

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Luxury Wedding Guide Empty Luxury Wedding Guide

Post by shiroli on Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:30 am

Luxury Wedding Guide Vfjk7d

This item is the Luxury Wedding Guide that outlines how to have a luxury wedding.
The wedding can be separated into 2 phases containing 4 parts total.

Part A (Wedding Preparation Phase)
Having Item 1 (Luxury Wedding Preparing Permit) and the wedding preparing person talking to their love will broadcast to the players that there will be a wedding.
Players can use Item 2 (Invitation) that the newly weds send in order to trade for sweet key (forgot to highlight item since it was not in quotes)
It is used to open Item 3 (food) and Item 4 ("wedding" Candy)
(Food will only appear when the wedding starts)
(Candy is used to kill the summon enemies/boss (see below))

Part B (Wedding Start Phase)
Having Item 5 (Luxury Wedding Starting Permit) and talking to the host will start the official wedding
During the wedding, the scenery will be filled with romantic feel
Newly weds can start wedding activities, allowing friends to be lively
Wedding will lasts 60 minutes. At that time no other plays can start (a wedding)

Part C (Lovey Dovey Candy)
During the acutal wedding newly weds can use Item 6 (Lovey Dovey Candy) with talking to the host to start the activity.
Players can kill the enemies that appear to gain Item 7 for prizes.

Part D (Searching for the Happiness Flower)
During the acutal wedding newly weds can use Item 8 (Bride's Bouquet Ball) with talking to the host to start the activity.
Players can search for Item 9 (Happiness Flower)
Doesn't require keys, receive prizes.

ATTENTION: 60 minutes from the start to the end of the start phase, all activities and scenic special effects will close.
That is why all newly weds and preparation person should attract people to join the wedding
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Luxury Wedding Guide Empty Re: Luxury Wedding Guide

Post by iarf on Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:09 pm

it will be perfect if you post the items Luxury Wedding Preparing Permit, Invitation, sweet key and where t get them
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